kumbh Mela 2010 Haridwar
Mythology of kumbh Mela

Take a holy dip in the sacred river Ganga, seeking emancipation from worldly sin.

Haridwar is one of the Four pilgrim Centre where kumbh is held every 12th year. According to mythological belief millions of Hindus take a holy dip in the sacred river Ganga, seeking emancipation from the worldly sin.

The origin of kumbh is perhaps as old as Hindu. Kumbh (Amrita –Kalasha) was recovered from Samudramanthan for which a tense war between Devtas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons) was eminent. To prevent the Amritakalasha being forcibly taken in possession by Asuras (Demons), who were more powerful Than Devtas (Gods), its safety was entrusted to Devta Bharaspati, Surya Chandra & Shani. The four devta ran away with Amritakalasha to hide it from Asuras. Learning the conspiracy of Devtas ,Asuras turned furiousand chased the four Devtas running with amritkalasha . The chase , Lasted for 12 human years during which the pot of Amrita was kept at 12 places .In these 8 places lies in Devlok, or on divine dimension, while the 4 places are on earth at Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain & Nasik. To Commemorate this holy event of amritakalasha being put put at the four places ,kumbh is celebrated after every 12 year . According to pauranic legends, actual fight took place between Devtas & Asuras resulting in the amrita Kalasha being broken, out of which amrita (Nectar) fell down at the Haridwar Prayag Ujjain & Nasik. While keeping some drops of Amrita dripped from the pot at these places due to which after every 12 years kumbh mela is celebrated .The place where the Amrita spilled at haridwar is called the 'Brahma Kund’.

The Astrological Dates of Kumbh at Haridwar Falls When Venus & Jupiter coincides with Aquarius Sun & Moon is on the Aries and Sagittarius, respectively
  • 14 January 2010 (thursday) - Makar Sankranti Snan - First Snan (bath)
  • 15 January 2010 (friday) - Mauni Amavasya and Surya Grahan ( Sola Eclipse) - Second Snan
  • 20 January 2010 (Wed) - Basant Panchmi Snan - Third snan
  • 30 January 2010 (saturday) - Magh Purnima Snan - Fourth Snan
  • 12 February 2010 (friday) - Maha Shivratri - Pratham Shahi Snan - First Royal Bath
  • 15 March 2010 (monday)- Somvati Amavasya - Dvitya Shahi snan - Second Royal Bath
  • 24 March 2010 (Wednesday)- Ram Navmi - Fifth Snan
  • 30 March 2010 (Tuesday) - Chaitra purnima snan
  • 14 April 2010 (wednesday) - Baisakhi - Pramukh Shahi Sanan
  • 28 April 2010 (wednesday) - Shakh Purnima - snan